Adorning the new double-decker buses

Bus tag 1: vertical

My first tag!

This little piece of double crochet was done in pairs of rows with the yarns carried up the side, and the top and bottom edges stitched together. It was the first tagging I’ve done, and I felt terribly self-conscious. I had to finish it off in full view of a large man who sat on the back seats but who, however, performed total disinterest. Note to potential bus taggers: although it is a nice warm sheltered environment in which to get your work up, you have to develop ways not to keep stabbing yourself as the bus jerks around. I find Zen-type breathing is very steadying.

If you want to visit this tag, it was placed on one of the number 12 buses on 4th March 2011, and has been seen still there (though marginally saggier) a few days later. It is right at the back on the ground floor of the bus, on the left of the bus so you might be able to see it from outside the window.

I like doing something that matches with its environment. Not only does it feel creative, and cute, and positive, but also people may not be able to work out if it’s meant to be officially there or not!

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