Grand designs… bollard cosy

I saw a particular bollard with a gracefully-curved top and interesting tucks, and it set me thinking, whether it was possible to crochet with two colours in a spiral. I tried it (starting with a yarn loop) and it is! You just have to crochet a bit of one, just under a round till it nearly catches up with the other one, and then swap.

The bollard is nearly 6 inches wide, and I was keen to try out my dimensional shaping to get over the edge (having practised on a couple of mug cosies recently, which are the same shape but upside down). The trick seems to be to do a round of tight trebles with no increases, as these bend over easily. Then I picked up with double crochet to make the tubular part, but this was slow going and making my wrist wrench! So halfway down I switched to dc, * 1ch, miss 1 dc, dc into next, rep from *, which covers the same ground and moves much quicker. Finally to make a place for the chain to gather round I did tr, * 1ch, miss 1 tr, tr into next, rep from *, followed it with a dense round of dc in contrasting colour, and then a picot edging to frill out over the next curve of the bollard: ss, * ch2, ss into next, rep from * . Lovely! It took some measuring and surreptitious trying-on but when I did it was a very satisfying snug fit that popped right on.

Looking at it, it has an amusing kind of ‘mad hatters’ tea party’ hat shape. I had a moment of guilt, thinking I could’ve been making a hat for a baby, perhaps for a little African orphan; but I’m onto that as a next project – I’ve already started a beautiful square for Knit A Square and they have pretty hat patterns that I’ll have a go at soon. I also had a moment of being impressed with myself and thought ‘wow, I could knit myself a hat and be practical!’ – but whoa there, I’ll leave that idea for another time! I’m looking forward to seeing the bollard looking all jolly, and I think Sunday night is a good time for a get-up… I’ll let you know

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