Trees need to keep warm too…

Tree cosy

Tree cosy

Cable-knit turquoise tree cosy on a tree that I am very fond of. Again, a scary get-up, because there were people coming and going late into the evening. It’s outside the back of the university Music Department and there were choirs and orchestras and doo-dah going on. If you want to see it, come into the University by Kings Gate and through the Arches, turn left, then into the back quad of the Armstrong Building on your right (when it’s open) – it’s still there.

I started this the week before at The Knit Studio in Blackfriars. If you don’t know Blackfriars, go and explore this lovely little place: it has a gorgeous restaurant, some historic wall bits, and a cute little treasure shop. It’s just under a cut-through off Stowell Street, or you can get to it from the other side but I’ve no idea how. The Knit Studio was hosting a series of Guerrilla Knitting groups in preparation for the Science Festival, and they kindly supplied the yarn (and I scrounged the needles for a few days). This was my first official Science Festival project (has tag with logo on next-door branch above), and credit to them for getting me going – last year’s sculptures were a wonderment and a joy.

The piece has c3f and c3b cables alternating between panels, with reverse stocking stitch between, and I did the cables initially on a double-pointed needle borrowed at the group, then later at home on a crochet hook. The rib and cable give a nice sideways stretch to the piece that made it fit well. With hindsight, the cable twists evoke the structure of DNA, which is appropriate for Science Week! The piece is about 8 inches round, and about the same long. It is out-of-reach from the ground, which necessitated a chair to stand on in order to affix, and some shifty behaviour whilst waiting for the opportunity. The oddest part of the experience was the softness of the knitting against the hardness and crustiness of the branch – my brain recognised both tactile experiences, but simply could not put them together and kept expecting a soft arm under the ‘jumper’!

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