Are you sitting comfortably?

We are covering a marble bench in knitting and crochet as part of (anti-)Fashion Week! I got in with the Spinning Yarns group, who have started meeting again at the Settle Down cafe, and they invited me to a Guerilla Knitting project. The plan is to use ‘acquired’ and hand-made knitted fabrics to make a bench cosy – and these benches are big slabs, and there are up to three of them for us to work on. Given that anything can be contributed to the patchwork, what to go for?

I was mindful of my experience in getting my bollard cosy nicked, so worried over what might weight the work down so it didn’t immediately get taken, as it will be big and striking. ‘Stones with holes in’ prove to be a thing you can’t immediately find on a websearch! and using halves of bricks would be ungainly. Then I had the idea of long pockets you could fill up with gravel, which I had a container full of in my back garden. So the patent Gravel Sausage was created: you make a long rectangle, and when it can curve round sufficiently, crochet along into top and bottom (you can see this in progress in the picture), and then add a few more rows for joining, so that you have a figure-6 shape in cross-section. Then stitch up one end, fill with (washed) gravel, and sew up the other end! Cute as deterrents go.

Sadly gravel is not as heavy in these quantities as I imagined (we would need lead shot of the kind you get in book snakes), so the next one has to be fatter. Since cross-section of cylinder = pi*r-squared, you get extra value (squared) the further you go on making the strip (and hence the circumference), so it makes more sense to do one fatter one rather than two thinner ones. Even if they are shorter. Here’s the picture of the first two then:

The colour is emerald green, because Y’s idea is to have a bit of a ‘carpet’ of grass around the bottom of the bench cover(s). Of the group, J seems to be the organiser of the event itself, whilst Y is thinking of how we will make the project work creatively. They have been very welcoming, lovely and straightforward. I was surprised by how far I’ve eaten into a giant ball of double-knit acrylic.  I might branch out more in the next one into pale green and beige for variety. Or you might get more pink and purple reflecting the bias of my stash!


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