Here today, gone tomorrow

How do you feel when your work disappears overnight?
The get-up of the bollard cosy on Sunday night went well – it uses a length of chain threaded through some *1 tr, 1 ch * lacy texture at the pull-in point, so that this narrow bit will go over the top of the bollard. I remember tying it in a strong double bow, so shouldn’t be easy to whip off. When I came in at 8:45 the next morning it was still there, to my pleasure. But when I looked out during a break at 10 am, it had already gone. I was hoping to get some pictures of it in daylight for you, but you can just about see the uncovered bollard in the background.
Now I have various hypotheses for what might have happened:
(1) somebody pulled it off to mess around with and throw away
(2) the official powers saw it and removed it as non-standard (this is unlikely in the given timescale)
(3) someone saw it and loved it and just had to have it (this is the one that friends are trying to persuade me to go for) – or possibly
(4) someone misunderstood what it was doing there, thought a child had lost a hat or something (?), and wanted to ‘save’ it from its fate stuck on a bollard.
If I knew which of these things had happened, I’d be able to judge better whether it was ‘worth it’ or not. Obviously (1) and (2) are quite disappointing, and the best we can hope for is (3). It had a little music note on it and was cute and it’s quite possible that the incoming flood of students that morning contained one person who fancied it as a souvenir.I guess that’s an outcome I could live with, but it’s a disappointing statement on the value of private over public property.
One thing’s for sure, if I’m going to be doing any more bollards or other medium pieces, I’ll use less close work as this was very tight neat double crochet so it took longer than was warranted for the longevity of the piece in its location (that’s how I feel anyway) and a looser piece covers a piece of street furniture just as well (unlike an orphan child or somone wintering in the north-east of England).

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6 Responses to Here today, gone tomorrow

  1. knitibranch says:

    There’s definitely a cost-benefit analysis regarding how much work goes into a piece that’s not likely to last very long, vs. one that has a better chance of staying up for weeks or months. I was very sad about the tree sweater that was taken down very soon after I put it up, but it taught me a lesson about choice of location. I’m putting up a piece tomorrow that I know won’t last long, so I’ve already factored that into my feelings and the amount of time I put into making it.

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  3. Sue says:

    It is very sad after all the hard work that is put in for someone to take it, this has happened to me. In one place teenagers told me not to leave it as the ruff teenagers would destroy it. As this was a much loved piece I sat some distance from it for a day watching peoples reaction to it, which was interesting as darkness fell I took the piece home. Leaving smaller bits there. Some stayed up for several weeks others were taken with in hours.
    I have various methods now:
    1. Pieces that I do not mind being taken.
    2. Pieces that I put a card on asking for people to take it and my contact details so they can comment.
    3. A card asking people to leave work until a given date.
    4. Pieces where I am there and can watch peoples reaction and talk to them.

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