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Wisdom in progress 2: DHI

Ok so ‘wisdom’ strip completed (see previous post); what to put along the edge? I had vaguely imagined a sort of chequerboard effect with the colours I’d already featured, but I found out the symbolic dimension of this piece hadn’t … Continue reading

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Space invading

Well it was time to try out some knitting, so I thought I’d break my intarsia virginity. This piece was done a couple of weeks ago, and followed some planning: the boyf (who has asked to be referred to as … Continue reading

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WiP (Wisdom in Progress)

Well, I’ve been planning for the Woolly Walk-Along! As Knitty said in a massive understatement, ‘if you’re into woolly tagging, I think you will like this’. Her plan is to cover a handrail (a looong one) around the wharf in … Continue reading

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Aesthetics vs. improvisation?

I have thought a lot lately about the value of planning/organisation versus the skill of spontaneity/flexibility, and it is clear that most people are good at one more than the other. There are just two different types of people, I … Continue reading

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Guerilla girls take it to the streets!

Today was an epic day, where the Spinning Yarns crew put their bench project out to celebrate (anti-)Fashion Week in Newcastle! Please go and admire/enjoy/loll upon the lovely carpet of knitting that covers the usually cold and austere marble benches … Continue reading

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Tagging around

Thought you might like to see a couple more from my back catalogue. This one was done in London, in a square near Kings’ Cross where we were staying. We’d gone down for me to do a day workshop, and … Continue reading

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Book report

Would you like some reading matter to encourage you and get those creative juices flowing? Here are my recommendations: first, Yarn Bombing by Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain. These authors canvassed online contributions from established guerilla knitters/crocheters and the resulting … Continue reading

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