Music, science, & now crochet…

I went to the Sage concert hall last night for a big gig, and it reminded me of this little tag I left there a while ago. Our guerilla knitting project was under the auspices of Science (and crafts) week in Newcastle, and we spent some time knitting/crocheting ‘neurons’ to make a large brain, which was a bit saggy & stringy in the end, but I did get to talk to some nice neuroscience girls. More importantly it did set me off on tagging solo! I do love the little tags that have a definite design (and cheery colours) – I think that is my ‘style’. The orange & white makes me smile too.

The pattern is from the Yarnbombing book. So it has a certain authenticity 🙂

PS The tag had gone last night but I know it would have had good visibility while it was there. Small tags don’t require so much investment of energy either, and I am happy to repeat them around the place.


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