Oh I do love to tag beside the seaside

We were travelling down to Scarborough on the train, and I got out my third and final gravel sausage piece to work on. Says the boyf, Aren’t you going to tag in Scarborough? Well he’d helped me tag in London, and so I was prompted to rustle up this little strip out of the (green and white – for the bench meadow) yarn that I had with me. Uninspired for a pattern on the spur, I just did pairs of rows of dcs. It is plain white round the back as my pale green was limited! Did most of it on the train and then measured up in between lying in the sun on the beach 🙂 and going for a boat ride. Needed some extra work before putting it up! – why do I always feel a rectangle will go further round a cylinder by about 50% than it does? (This led to some intense discussions over dinner of whether it was pi-r or pi-d that is the circumference of a circle. It’s pi-d, aka 2pi-r, the differential of the more memorable pi-r-squared.) Basically: keep crocheting.

We put it up after a show in the seaside Futurist Theatre, taking advantage of extended queuing time beforehand to try it on, and the darkness afterwards to stitch up. Boyf thinks I am unnecessarily obvious and shifty/jumpy while putting up; he has the gift of nonchalant stealth, evidently. A good tagging partner to have (trained nurse; good at passing the scissors), but then anyone willing to stand and block the line of sight is handy, aren’t they?!


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