Guerilla girls take it to the streets!

Today was an epic day, where the Spinning Yarns crew put their bench project out to celebrate (anti-)Fashion Week in Newcastle! Please go and admire/enjoy/loll upon the lovely carpet of knitting that covers the usually cold and austere marble benches on Thornton Street (off Westgate Road near the Tyne Theatre, outside the fabulous Settle Down Cafe where we regularly meet). The knitting swarms off the benches over the ground into a meadow of green pieces and flowers created in various styles by the crew members.

We used pieces of hand knitting and crochet but also ‘found objects’ comprising hacked-up parts of old clothes from charity shops’ reject bags, outworn scarves, and one aborted blanket project! Although the flat bits of the jumpers/dresses etc were the first to be used, we had had fun on Wednesday wearing the ‘deconstructed shrug’ parts that were initially discarded – but then found today that they fit quite well in various locations here. In the first photo you can see a long brown cowl and arms patched in at the far side, and in the second photo the side of a green jumper on the left; I was going to trim the sleeves off, but C thought it was fun to leave them! Nice one! Well done knitgirls – nice stitching, nice planning and nice improvisation getting it to happen!

PS: Can you see my gravel sausages keeping it all pinned down? One on the left, and two on the right. (Compare earlier post to see them in design and in progress!)


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