Tagging around

Thought you might like to see a couple more from my back catalogue.

This one was done in London, in a square near Kings’ Cross where we were staying. We’d gone down for me to do a day workshop, and decided to make a night of it, do a couple of cultural events, walk in the parks, etc. It was the boyf’s idea to make a tag and put it up in the capital (it was on the back of the tag frenzy from science week in Newcastle, and I hadn’t thought of taking myself out there nationally), so I did a ‘dip stitch’ – using double crochet, but putting the hook into holes from two rows before, three rows before, and so on, to make a zigzag (and a very weighty piece of fabric). These bike racks suggested themselves nicely – there are some much longer and curvier ones on e.g. p.110 of the Yarn Bombing book (see previous post), but this is a taster. The somewhat bleak street was definitely whimsied up after this!

The scallop edging, again from Yarn Bombing, found its temporary home in my favourite place in Newcastle, Leazes Park. In the background is a maze made out of four different kinds of hedging representing four elements – one of those understated pleasures; I only discovered it this year. Not far away I put a vertical scallop edging near a bus stop where people more often get off the bus than get on it: it lasted for a week or so and had quite a good chance of being seen. I will say, when they tell you to leave a looong end of yarn to sew it on with, they really mean it, because you have no idea how much wool it takes up to keep going round a railing! You can see I had to stitch round just the top and bottom to keep it on!

This one had an advert for Science Week; my latest tag (not up yet) will be the first to have a label linking to this blog, an experiment to see if anyone comes here as a result. I’m in two minds about this; part of what I like about urban knitting is the providing/finding of something cute/beautiful/interesting for free, and using it just as an attention-seeking link to more information (esp. about oneself) undercuts that somewhat. We’ll see.


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