Space invading

Well it was time to try out some knitting, so I thought I’d break my intarsia virginity. This piece was done a couple of weeks ago, and followed some planning: the boyf (who has asked to be referred to as ‘the sexy boyf’, or just T…. T it is then!) had been saying something about how cool it would be to knit a space invader design into a tag. I found lots of charts on the web! so went for these two characters as being the most ‘space invadery’.

Not sure where best to put it, I considered looking for somewhere near the boyf’s house, but haven’t been there for a while with my knitstuff. It turns out (in one of those improvisatory moments – see previous) that it wanted to go round an ornate bench arm in Nuns Moor Park in Fenham / Arthur’s Hill, west Newcastle upon Tyne. Arthur’s Hill is another place I hoped a tag might have some afterlife, as it is a young hippy creative area where the crusties come to practise their unicycling and juggling on sunny afternoons (compare Jesmond, which is where the doctors and rah-students live and people come to walk by the vast Dene park/forest/river; another civilised area, though a different kind).

I had thought about clipping it on with poppers, so that someone could take it if they wanted it without destroying it (possibly a new project in planning), but ended up just stitching it on as usual. Excited to find today that it is consequently still there! – a bit looser, and possibly slightly adorned with bird poo, but hopefully has been spotted and appreciated! If you would like to visit (and I would love that) or are passing, it is just by the entrance to the park (opposite Sydney Grove) where if you sit on the bench you are looking at the tennis courts. Let me know if you see it. This is possibly only the second of the tags that are still up, though I’m not sure about the ones in Scarborough and London.

One unexpected and unfortunate result is that T was slightly miffed rather than being delighted by my implementation of his ‘suggestion’, as he had been thinking he could make it his tag if he learnt to knit! I hadn’t realised this from our conversation, so a bit of the point was lost. Still, it gave me intarsia confidence before the more tricky crochet Wisdom piece, so roll it on.


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