Celebrating the Green Festival

This is going to be one of the rare occasions when I actually get a post up the day the tag(s) went up! And this is because the Green Festival, in Newcastle, started today and continues tomorrow, and the tags should still be there; at least I hope they will be there in Leazes Park for a little while yet, as it was such a gently anarchic occasion that it seemed for the first time like pinning a bit of crochet around a railing was an entirely normal thing to do.

I woke in the ‘night’ (well, it was fully light) around 4 am, and realised I could use the time (since I was clearly not about to go to my desk) to knock up a couple of tags, as I’d realised just before bed it would be a good idea to launch some at the Fest. Using the Yarnbombing book for inspiration, I went for a pattern with bobbles (can you see them bulging out?), and a massive hook thinking this would speed things along; it didn’t entirely, because it was surprisingly faffy working out where to put the hook and getting used to it. At least I’ve now broached the massive ball of pink 15% wool that I’ve been sitting on.

The second tag was done in bright yellow (left over from my Jesmond tag), with a tiny ball of black yarn to provide the contrast (a strong one). Two rows of dc in each colour, using a more medium 5 mm hook. In neither case did I have a clear sense of where they were headed or what size it would be, though I kind of intended the first one for the railings on the main way in from Barrack Road, and the second one for a little tree branch. But although I measured up the railings on the way in, and the pink-o fitted fine, I hadn’t quite finished the chain, so I couldn’t launch it there and then.

Incidentally, you can see the new label experiment in these pictures: computer-generated rather than handwritten, and with a background of a bit of crochet that, however, does rather clash with the pink tag in particular!

Anyway the day was far colder than the two before it, and we were just leaving by the Richardson Road exit to get a hot drink in town when I remembered the bombs as yet undetonated. The yellow one found its home on the banister at the bottom of the steps that lead up from the south of the park to the lakeside, a lovely spot, and a place which can be seen from quite some distance: see picture if you want to hunt it down! My nursey assistant was very valuable, handing me the implements and removing them & telling me how it worked in an operating theatre.

The pink tag was lodged on the outside of the railings round the park, on Richardson Road opposite the hospital, where hopefully plenty of people will be able to see it. The railings were the same kind as leading up the path on the other side, so my measuring earlier was put to good use.

It was refreshing to do a couple of really quick and standard tags, as I’ve been labouring pretty hard on the one big ‘wisdom’ piece and it is currently at the arduous putting-together stage.


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