Why ‘slipk2not’?

One of my friends, who is knitty but who I know through other aspects of our lives, wrote to me to say she’d read the blog and ‘got’ the name; I was pleased because I’d feared it was a bit obscure. I had been looking for a tag name that answered any or all of the following criteria:

(1) It should have a secondary reference to knitting
(2) It should have a primary reference to crochet
(3) Would be nice if there was a glancing reference to music
(4) Would be amusing if it sounded vaguely ‘street’.

I put this on the back burner, and the name ‘slipk2not’ later spewed out. I said to the mysterious creative forces, ‘Me? Slipknot? Are you sure?’, but in the process it tickled me so much I thought I’d keep it. (It is also uniquely googleable, a tip I picked up from reading about the game Narbacular Drop.)

Amazingly, it ticks all four boxes. (1) I distantly remember that one of the original yarn bombers was called k1p1, and I thought I quite fancied being k2p2, as I’d been doing a lot of double rib making hats for african orphans (oh and I like even numbers). (2) Had recently found a cool new way of starting a crocheted piece in the round: instead of doing a few chain and joining to make a loop, just loop the yarn round your fingers and itself, then crochet into that, and when you’ve finished the first round you can pull it lovely and tight, then there is no hole in the middle. This is the main referent of the name; yes I found it quite exciting, which shows how ironically inappropriate was the reference to (3/4): There is a heavy metal band from the mid-90s, weird and scary but aimed at pre-adolescents (!?), by the name of Slipknot, who wear masks and throw up on stage and stuff. I have never sought to hear a note of their music, but did once read a long article about it in a paper someone left behind in a juice bar in Cardiff Bay (and have dined out on the knowledge several times since). They are the twee end of street, and as such seemed perfect, as I like music (who doesn’t) but my tastes are the opposite of street, I have to concede, and knitted graffiti has that oxymoronic quality that seems to be celebrated here.

How many did you get? Points out of 4!


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