Quick & simple

… or as my boss would say ‘Quick and dirty’. Since I’ve been working on my large art piece for the WWA – and since I’ve had a massive overload at work – the tags I’ve been making to put up round and about have been little, cheery, and quick.

This one was going to be to encircle the bollards on Gallowgate, near the bus stop, where people had been accosted by a maniac the day before (I suppose to soften and reclaim the space). But when I got off the bus to measure up, I realised that it was way too public and there was no way I was going to have the nerve to put it up. Also I was fed up with it because I’d noticed I’d decreased a stitch early on from 7 treble to 6 – and as soon as notice something’s gone definitely wrong, I want to ditch it and move on (vide also Jesmond yellow square tag). So I thought I’d launch it there & then, and went up a side street between there and Strawberry Place.

It’s behind the big new-ish corporate-looking building on the north side of Gallowgate – I went up the pedestrianised lane between the two metal benches, and saw a bike rack which would’ve been perfect, except there was someone sitting in a big dark car right next to it. So I went up and turned right, and there were some more bike racks, and they got PINKED! Without any cover I felt self-conscious if people came along, and the only defense was to lean over the racks and pick something out of my bag; but this is still suspicious behaviour for a bike rack! Two lads came passed and may have said something like ‘are you a vandal?!’ in a wondrous tone of admiration.

So this is one towards my goal of three tags, however tiny and twee, to be launched between last Tuesday and this Saturday afternoon. It is keeping me from being just a working machine. I will be glad to check in with the girls on Saturday afternoon when hopefully phase 1 will be over.


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