Quick and dirty #2

I really wanted to knitbomb the grand walkway up to Leazes Park (from Barrack Road), and it had been too busy when we arrived for the Green Festival. So I’d knocked up this little cutey to place on the way into work, or at least have a second try. Since time was short to fulfil my goal of three little tags before Saturday, I pulled off some yarn and used the inside and outside ends of the mess as a double thread with a big fat hook (easier than doing lacy single thread with a fat hook). The stitch pattern is one of my favourites: * 1 dc, 1 tr, rep from * to end, and then dc in the tr and tr in the dc. Gives some texture and variety to a piece, without adding much complication.

The new-style label says ‘Spinning Yarns – find us on facebook!‘ and then on the back ‘International Yarn-bombing Day, 11th June 2011′. This is in keeping with da crew, who are hoping to attract new members for our meets on Tuesday evenings (and hence keep our place in the cafe open, as well as spreading the joy!). The walkway was surprisingly clear for some time, and I had proceeded to the photos before a large Asian family had come along & expressed only mild interest (child: ‘whassat?’; mother: ‘dunno’).

Update (April 2012): It’s still there! Delighted 🙂 You can see it from the main street (off the bus) as well. I have tied it up a few times; sometimes it’s up, sometimes it’s slid down, but it’s hanging in beautifully. (You can find the map here.)
Amazed looking back to find it was such a quick thing to do, as it’s become one of my favourites. I wonder why some items survive so well (when some don’t)?


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