Quick and simple #3: please help yourself

Hello! Happy International Yarn Bombing Day 🙂

So this is the last of the three little pieces I wanted to put up before IYBD. It was a plain piece of double crochet, using two thicknesses of bright pink wool (till it ran out), plus a white and pink flower made on an old plastic flower loom I found from my childhood. Due to the squiggly wool, the flower came out flopsy, but still sweet enough to make a cute bomb.

I’ve realised that whatever misgivings I have when I’m working on a piece and start to think it looks a bit wonky or naff, when each piece goes up I still love how it looks and think it is a massive improvement on plain railings or whatever was there before!

As usual, I had vague ideas about where to put it, and was going to wait for Saturday to launch it, but on the way out of work via Haymarket, I saw this railing by the Civic Centre that was the perfect circumference; also it was at a child’s hand-height, and this fitted in with my plan. I had put poppers (snap fasteners) on it, so that if anyone really liked it, they could take it – rather than having to cut it off which would probably wreck it. This is part of a generosity project of giving bits away instead of feeling that they have to stay there; something I’d been wanting to do for a while, but the previous two got made & launched too quickly to muster the poppers. Here the ridiculously excessive tubs of flowers are perfectly complemented by a woolly one.

To celebrate the day, after some other rather satisfactory social arrangements, I went on to Tilley’s Bar to meet some of the Spinning Yarns crew, where J was working on a rather fetching green piece covered with crocheted flowers. We exchanged ideas about intarsia and techniques and I feel these projects could continue to run. Loved seeing all the yarn bombs that have been set off today, from the tiny and meek up to the fantastically ambitious and creative! Hope they stay where many people can love them!


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2 Responses to Quick and simple #3: please help yourself

  1. tightknit says:

    Hi slipk2not!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, it’s really nice to connect with other yarn bombers. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I have been bad and inactive recently.
    I love, love, love your wisdom tag and all your posts on International Yarn Bombing Day! They are fantastic!
    Your post “here today gone tomorrow”, and knitibranch’s comment on it, is a good analysis. It’s sad when something you want to be more of a permanent fixture is taken down quickly, especially when a lot of time and yarn has gone into them, but I try to think about it more whimsically – the life of a yarn bomb. What exciting things have happened to my yarnbomb since it left? I try not to think of the garbage can.
    I wonder if those bollard caps are taken so quickly b/c people think they might work as hats? I have no idea.

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