Blanket squares #1

It’s been a week since International Yarn Bombing Day, and I’ve been incredibly busy at work, and so had completed nary a stitch of knitting or crochet till today. I thought then it would be a good time to update you on the less guerilla projects I’ve been working on (or are they… getting your work a home round the world can still feel subversive).

A big gush of my crochet energy in the earlier part of the year was devoted to the Knit-a-Square project, making 8-inch squares for blankets for children orphaned by AIDS in South Africa. The size of the square was an interesting challenge; I am so used to doing 6-inch squares from when I was little and doing blanket squares for Oxfam that the extra couple of inches (both ways) requires a little extra ‘push’, from about when you reach 5-and-a-half inches through to about 7 inches, then all of a sudden it’s done. Nonetheless, it’s a good size to try out stitches as a sampler without too much commitment, the only requirement being that it is nice and warm. This one is * 2tr in next st, miss one, rep from *, which is nice and easy and works up quick. I so relished doing it that I did another one soon after in the same stitch but different shades. By this point I was preferring working in rows to working in rounds; when you start in rounds it’s so tiny and squiddy but then by the end it’s a long haul, whereas rows get a good rhythm up.

This rather more fancy baby-blanket bobble pattern was one from the excellent crochet book, & I had to extend it slightly as it was for a 6-inch square. You make a tiny square and then crochet little triangles onto the edges, making a diamond that you then treat as a bigger square, and so on. I mostly did it in the middle of the night while I was at my Dad’s house during his terminal illness, and that it took a lot of concentration was a good thing as it kept me absorbed.

This cornery-one looked complicated but actually is just like doing the granny-square type of cornering (albeit in plain trebles), but when you get to the end you just turn round and go back again, making just one corner rather than four. I gather it is meant to be used as the corner piece for a bigger blanket, so that it stands out and any stripe pattern can turn the corner gracefully. But I’m only doing this one as it wasn’t particularly fun. Both this and particularly the previous one required some very assertive blocking to get them to 2-dimensional 90-degree angles, but they seem to have held their shape since [though you wouldn’t know it from this photo].

Ok, there are some more, but I’m suffering from internet connection problems, so I’ll add them in another blogpostlater. And going through them again, from where they’ve been sitting on the arm of my settee for a month or more now, has inspired me to get an envelope and prepare to send them off in the post! Touching the lovely textures, specially the thick repetitious ones, makes me want to yarnbomb them, but it’s just my recent habit and I mustn’t 😉 I can always make more!


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2 Responses to Blanket squares #1

  1. Sandie Roach says:

    Great to read your blog. I’ve contributed to both Knit-a-Square and the ‘Woolly Walk Along’.

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