The Woolly Walk-Along – success!

Thrilled to see that The Woolly Walk-Along has reached its glorious conclusion, after some last-minute drama involving fences and workmen…! So many congratulations to KnittyGraffity, who has gone beyond tireless in her encouragement and determination. Amazing to see the creativity (and eccentricity) that we have all been stimulated to produce – a celebration mostly of female artisty that is pretty subversive to old notions of what we and yarn-craft should be about.

Here’s the best picture so far of the WISDOM piece on its handrail destination. (There are more pictures here of the chunky guy next to it where you can just see the ‘wi’! Thanks to Michael Miller for these photos.) (And the piece to the right, if I recognise it correctly, is by the great Stormarela – glad we ended up next door.)


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