Words within words

Hello again all (after a long break). I have been reading Yarnbombing again to get inspiration, as I found a site with a sculpture that I’d never noticed before that got my juices flowing to mark it with some celebratory yarncraft.

The building is the Unite Union headquarters in John Dobson Street, Newcastle. A big posh building, as T remarked, and with lovely steel tubing sculptures outside that remind me of croquet hoops. They are just asking to have a little tube around the top to make them all warm and fuzzy and appreciated! I measured up and they are just 6.5 inches across the inside top, and 6 inches around.

But T said later Why don’t you do something that hangs down (between the struts), as this will give you more space to spell out your design. So although I like little tubings I think he’s right about the mini-banners – specially after drawing out on graph paper how little scope 6 inches gives you! (pardon me). I have done a warm-up piece (below) for an easier less-public site, which does fit the 6-inch guide or thereabouts.

The idea I’m having at the moment is ‘words within words’, where I use intarsia crochet to spell out a simple word, probably relevant to the site and/or making a comment, but use colour to embed a word within it that gives another layer of meaning. My previous Wisdom piece did this (quite spontaneously) and I’ve been thinking about that piece as the WWA is now over and I’m hoping to see the piece again.

This first new piece is not for the union / croquet hoop site, but for a much quieter space: the hooped benches through the tunnel from the Robinson Library, which has good foot traffic at peak times, but is a peaceful place to sit off-peak and get it sewn up. (See Devonshire Walk on this map.) The relevant word is clearly ‘books’ as I graphed out here. I like that it’s got the word ‘OO!’ embedded in it 🙂

In the event, as you will have noticed, I dropped the ‘S’ and went straight for the exclamation mark! Truth is, I ran out of the dark blue yarn 🙂 and I’ve learned to respect these serendipities in yarn bombing. I’ve made a stretchy mesh at top and bottom so that it will fit the tubing, topped off with a couple of rows in double crochet that will be easier to stitch into. For this I rooted in my bag and found I did have oddments of similar colour! It’s all good.

T says he will help me get them up early one morning or late at night, so I’ll plough on with the next one (or two!) and then it will be worth heading into town to do the ninja-knit trip. But as usual I wanted you to hear about it first 🙂  and if anyone knows a word for a word within a word, have a word with me! x x x

Afterword (April 2012): You can see the finished result of the Unite project here:

After all this time, it’s still there gently blowing in the breeze 🙂 The word ‘ART’ is in a slightly more intense pink than the rest of the word, to make it stand out from the word ‘HEART’ (but it is a bit subtle). The point I was making was that I love their tubular art! and was adding to it 🙂 There’s a mauve bow on the top I added to make it a bit more frou-frou (well, you gotta try!)..

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