Durham light and yarn show

We were going to Durham to have a romantic walk by the river, and see the Lumiere show, and T always gets excited about the prospect of tagging another location, so I quickly knocked up a two-colour (Christmassy?) taglet in the * 1tr into tr, 1 ch, miss 1tr, rep from * that is a quick way to cover ground and still splash colour.

I’d made it 5-6 inches round, with the aim of looking out for a generic banister or sapling to decorate. We walked down by the river, and back up the other side, but most of the saplings were down a steep bank, so I didn’t risk my neck. There were coloured floodlights pointing up at the trees in preparation for the evening’s light show, but I didn’t want to tag any equipment that would get taken away in a couple of days’ time. This banister in a peaceful location just down the steps from Bella Italia did the trick. I like the way that the red and green are exaggerations of the colours in the autumnal landscape.

Here you can see the location in context. I’m no photographer, but I like the way the girls walking by conveniently blurred themselves, making the tag and house look like the more timeless features of the landscape. I’ve also got a lovely shot of T standing next to here, but to preserve our anonymity I’ll keep it for myself! After this the evening went downhill a bit: packed-in crowds waiting for the Lumiere had nothing to do as we hadn’t been told the start time was 6:30 and consequently got shooed away from the Cathedral. Trying to eat dinner at 4 pm is generally a safe bet, but all restaurants were booked, as the Lumierists coincided with pre-Christmas shoppers needing a sit.

The bridge we walked across did become a lovely rainbow later on in the evening – but better than this was that when we crossed it and looked for somewhere to tag, I found that there was already a gorgeous chenilley scarf tied lavishly around a lamppost! Was it guerilla knitting? It was the perfect place! And it might be doubted (and be, for example, a lost scarf) except that the opposite lamppost had a tiny strip of silky ribbon tied round it too. Shout out to the fabric artist who got there first! Hope she passes back along and sees my tag as well đŸ™‚


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  1. Settle down says:

    Shame the group at the cafe faded away, but we now have a new thing going called “space 2 create”. It’s just a time and space for people to meet up and / or make stuff in the company of others. There’s a loose group of people at its core- street artists, contemporary crafts people – and they do a zine around what’s going on in the group. Sometimes people work together- sometimes people just get on with their own projects or share skills.
    Wednesdays 6-8pm. The settle down cafe.

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