My new project of intarsiverbia got off to a mixed start by tagging a curvy bench armrest near my home patch, Devonshire Walk through the tunnel from the Robinson Library.

The get-up itself was relatively easy, as I’d planned: one can sit down on the bench and prop up bags on the other side of the armrest, and stitch under cover. Many of the passing students were on bikes, and the others mostly had fished their phones out to goggle at, so I attracted no untoward attention. I picked a well-lit spot for its future visibility in this northern winter.

 I notice that I stitch thoroughly, even in these circumstances, with one stitch through each pair of doubles to make a nice fit. I had meant to make it slightly short so I would have to weave back-and-forth rather than pull the thread tight, so that it could be cut off if necessary without destruction, but I hadn’t done this. Note to self. Still, I like the effect, and the ‘oo’ looks also like funny blue eyes, so it made me smile. Anyway, long story short, don’t bother going to look, because I went past the next morning to get more shots and watch reactions, but some sk8ter boys had slung their coats over the place while they were failing to leap their boards into the air and land on them, so I couldn’t see if it was there or not. I went to the library, and when I passed by again they had gone and so had the tag.

Taken by fans, removed by the authorities, or vandalised by charvas? You decide.


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