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Exciting news! I have branched out onto flickr, as I wanted more people to find my stuff and look at the blog 🙂 so on flickr I can tag it with labels such as ‘guerilla crochet’ or ‘knitbombing’ and then those who search there for pictures may find mine and come here to read about it. That’s the idea anyway. Also that it has the exciting feature of geographical placement – so if you see a tag here and want to go and visit it (or pay homage at the spot it used to be) you can find it on the flickr site and view its location. (From Scarborough to Auckland!). Just click on the picture of the tag you’re looking for in my flickr collection, click on the map in the top right, and then you can zoom in or out to find the place. Whoop! (There is also an enticing map of the world if you prefer the bigger picture. Drag it around, and/or double-click to zoom in.)

I have also commandeered the domain name ‘’, as it will be easier to write on tags, so if you can’t remember the ‘wordpress’ bit or what order it comes in (as I sometimes can’t!) it will be easier to find.

Further exciting news! an academic knitologist has contacted me wanting to chat about my experience of craft tagging, and her project sounds really interesting. This development has inspired me to get my shop front together and sort out the above. So you should be getting some more pretty posts in the next day or few.Flowers for Y's project

Spinning Yarns crew are planning a flowerbomb in the city centre for starters….


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