Maternal decorations

On Boxing Day I got a worried phone call from my brother-in-law, saying my mother’s operation had not gone too well; and we knew it meant I would probably have to travel the 300 miles to see her, as it was touch-and-go. We left in a hurry the next morning, but not without my crochet and knitting kit, which was a key part of my sanity-retention strategy over the next few days (even though it took up a large (pointy) space in my minimal luggage).

I had been given a large ball of burgundy wool at Xmas, and thought it would be nice to make a simple hat for the monk I sponsor in India, as it is the main uniform colour that monks of the Gelug tradition are allowed to wear. Well after a few rounds of k2p2, I decided it was much the wrong size, and went on to cast off and use it as a tag. As a delightful bonus I was able to salvage some turquoise plastic beads that used to belong to my Nan that were inside a load of stuff in my Mum’s craft stool. Left the house one morning early and prowled around what used to be my home-town looking for sites. Where better than outside the central parish church where I used to sing in the choir. It’s on a corner with several roads and paths coming at it, so I needed to do some awkward lurking before I started, but the lady with several dogs had more to worry about than me.

With my limited colour supply (leftover pink and Xmas burgundy) I wanted to leave something for my mum to see when she got home from hospital; we had discussed tagging her outside handrail, but had both been surprised to realise she didn’t have one! The tree on the green outside was out of my reach, but the shiny green wheelie bin wasn’t 🙂 so it got a mixture of * 1 ch, 1 dc in gap * which stacks up nicely, with a little flower whose exact recipe I forget but after a dc ring its second round was something like * 3 ch, ss * to make the petals.

As it turned out, it was some time before my mum got home from the hospital and saw the tag – but it gave her a lift when she did.

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