Unseasonal greetings

Dear all! I am having a new burst of knitbombing activity and enthusiasm, partly because it’s the first bit of spare time I’ve had this year, and partly because people are again showing an interest in my activities (maybe it’s a springly thing, or has become so since the science festival enlisted our naughty help). So these pics are to catch you up with my last burst of woolly mischief, which took place in December when I last had a few days of sitting on my bum and watching telly 🙂 enough that some decent crocheting could take place!

My lovely boyfriend T got me some colourful yarn for Xmas (along with other things!), so I leapt into action trying it out. I wanted to tag some tempting posts in a cut-through in Fenham, because I know my crewmate Y lives round there and would enjoy seeing them. So I went for a now-traditional vertical railing-wrap, with extended i-cordy loops, and a frilly skirt for a fat juicy lamppost. My favourite bright orange alternated with stripes of burgundy and some contrasting leftovers.

The lamppost-skirt used the same classy burgundy and orange combo, but with a crocheted frill of fun yarn I’d invested in to give that textural edge. The body of the piece was done in knitting (unusually for me lately) – using a pattern of * knit 3 rows, purl 1 row * that knits up quickly, balances speed with variety, and doesn’t curl too much; odd I’ve never seen this so-simple stitch pattern referenced, but had to think of it myself.

The cut-through in Fenham is a bit of a dodgy gangway where kids from the nearby school hang out and look shifty, so I guess I felt what I was doing was both matchingly subversive and redemptively decorative. It’s a nice walkway with trees.

The lamppost frill found a new home somewhere pretty quickly… but the railing wrap has survived; despite apparently being burnt, and the top part removed, the detractors have succeeded only in sealing the black round and making it weatherproof! It is hanging in there 🙂

Here are the URLs for these pieces on Flickr (with alternative photos of them). http://www.flickr.com/photos/slipk2not/7035839605/in/set-72157629352010186
If you go to these pages and then click on the little map on the right-hand side, it will show you exactly where the pieces got placed 🙂

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