Bad tags

One bit of urban crochet I don’t like is making the tags to go on it. Partly that I feel it makes the work less attractive, partly it takes away from giving something freely without wanting (attention for) something in return, but partly that I am clumsy doing it and don’t feel I have the right equipment or abilities. I simply print out a pattern and caption from the computer, trim it to size, wind it round with sellotape, and then punch a hole in it. Am pleased that I now have home paper-slicer to trim with, but I’m not always convinced the printing comes out parallel to the edges of the paper anyway, so it’s always a struggle; plus the sellotape (even though I have a handy way of slicing the corners off that seals the tag in) gets wrinkly, leaves stripes, and includes fluff and also my fingerprints (!). Compared to the beautiful sewn tags I’ve seen pictures of, or even the professionally designed and laminated card tags, I find mine a bit shoddy, and am just hoping people will see that as home-grown and charming… hmm.

I should really get and design a tag nicely and get it printed out and laminated at a shop – but that involves three stumbling blocks: (1) having a good design program and knowing how to use it (2) giving my name and address to a copy shop! (3) deciding on a design once-and-for-all and using it for every piece that comes along. At the moment, as you can see, I use a fresh tag for each piece, and here I used a little picture of the Laing piece before it was put up. All I really want is that people can look up the website(s) if they want and find out more information (rather than the piece being another meaningless thing in the landscape). Here I’ve linked both my blog (on the flowers I made) plus the Spinning Yarns group (on all three tags), so that people can find whatever is most immediately relevant. They all link to each other as well if someone pursues far enough. And Y hopes that we might possibly get a new member or two for the crew if a likely one spots it.





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