Woollypoles piece #2

Don’t panic, I will post about Woollypoles piece #1 shortly! But what is Woollypoles? The latest group project by the excellent Knitty Graffity, originator of The Woolly Walk-Along, for which I created my Wisdom piece. (You can be involved if you like: email her on her page for details.)

I’ve had this piece going for ages – was going to finish it last year and tag it up by the university library to welcome the students back, but I’ve never got all the conditions together. And somehow it seemed a lot of detail to put into something that might not last long, if my previous ‘BOOK’ project was anything to go by.

It’s part of the project that a clever friend has titled ‘Intarsiverbia‘ – from the technique of multicolour intarsia knitting (or crochet) and the idea of putting a ‘word’ inside another word, which it is an example of. Huh, what?! So here the main word is ‘enjoy…’ in pale yellow, but the word ‘joy’ is picked out in slightly more intense yellow. (The purple here is a better reflection of what the background colour actually is.)

Only two slight technical reservations: here the word ‘joy’ is the natural etymological basis of the word ‘enjoy’, whereas in my previous intarsiverbia projects an unrelated embedded word has stuck out to give an extra dimension – ‘oo’ in ‘book’, and ‘heart’ surrounding the ‘art’. But it’s worth reminding ourselves/myself of what enjoy would actually feel like (joy). Also apparently it’s only technically intarsia if you don’t carry the thread along the back. Which I do. But I don’t really care about that.

So this tag will be going off to New Zealand to be part of something artsy where it will be appreciated, noticed, and possibly be part of the next luscious coffee-table book that Knitty is planning to produce!

It was a bit of good luck – or artistic consistency – that it was already in complementary colours, yellow and purple. This completes the set of the six primary and secondary colours that my other two pieces for the Woollypoles project had already explored. In fact that’s what made me think of this piece, as I realised they were the missing colours. Hence they seem to go perfectly together. The styles are complementary too. Sneak preview to the left; more to follow.

Update: the finishing touches to this piece, and the next piece, can be seen here.

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