Woollypoles piece #1

Ah, the runes! I discovered them at Avebury, site of the magical stone circle, when I used to live in Wiltshire. They have fabulous little pagan gift shops with everything from ocarinas to rugs to dream-catchers to books about crop circles.

24 symbols representing the natural world, and hence the forces that push and pull our lives. Reach into a drawstring bag and grope around for a stone, smooth from the beach, turning it over to reveal its divinatory wisdom. Consult the runes in times of stress which are also times of openness for the world to shine through. Proving that anything you can think of has been done before, when I decided to combine two current interests by representing runes for my Woollypoles piece, the googleland told me others had invented patterns, designs, jumpers. Not surprising in a way, as both warm woollies and wild runes have Scandinavian connections.

This one is ALGIZ, and represents PROTECTION, a quality which is appealing in general but also useful for a piece of urban knitting open to the elements and the populace! It can be thought to represent a shield, an elk’s horns, or an open hand held out to stop advancing forces.

The pattern is by Kayleen Clements, though I had to adapt it to trim the margins and also change her subtle garter-stitch relief pattern into a brightly-contrasting colour design. We had to bag a bright colour for Woollypoles, and stick to it, though we could pick a different one, preferably the complementary colour, for letters or decorations. Of course I had to go for orange, typically underselected by the ‘Polers, and took my bouncing ball of vivid orange down to the little indie wool shop to select just the right shade of serious blue. I think it’s safe to say you will see it a mile off!

The second one is called ANSUZ, and represents INSPIRATION – another useful quality both for life and for environmental revisioning 🙂 Blessings and communications from above, truth, and wisdom are also invoked. I like the way too that it looks like the stem of a semiquaver 🙂 This was a selection that kind of decided itself before I thought I had decided…? Funny how that happens and whether to trust it. The whole piece will wrap nicely round a pole and you’ll see one rune from either side.

They’re relatively plain because they’re such a strong communicative statement alone. The other two pieces have been frou-froued up, but I couldn’t face it with this one. I had the image of a round medal / tag / disc hanging from either side, but didn’t know what it was. Lewis’s sold me a bag of clear plastic discs with a single hole in each, and I can write on them (with a DVD pen) and use them as labels. I just have to find a blue DVD pen and, preferably, someone with artistic writing… in the next week or so! Poles await!


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