Plain fancy squares

20121017-175346.jpgSo I sent off my pink squares for the charity cancer research blanket, and then heard they were doing another one – a ‘Babette blanket’, which apparently means squares of any size which somehow miraculously fit together. The squares can also be any colours, so after the restriction of pink, and the precision of the Woollypoles pieces and the knitted toys of late, I was dying to grab the most garish neons available, specially the lime and orange which looked juicy 🙂

This is quite a big one, and I could have stopped after the blue, but I’d done *almost* a round in bright yellow, except that it wouldn’t quite reach the last two clusters. So I had a dilemma, and T and I discussed the various options (‘can you… cut all the corners off and do them in a different colour?’). Realised it was best just to buy new yellow wool and then frog the old bit out with the courage of my convictions! I took the square down to the wool stall in the Grainger Market, where I’ve not really been, and bought some wonderful bright colours and flecky randoms, which you’ll surely hear more about anon, with a choice of two good yellows but this was the best / most similarly intense. The blanket is for Suicide Watch or some similar charity so I thought it might be nice to go for the cheeriest, daftest, brightest colours I could find…. that’s what I’d like anyway.

20121017-180749.jpgThe next two are samples really, and that is one of the blessings of the random-square blanket. Drawn from a book on colour knitting, the one on the right is a coloured cable, which looks terribly intricate (specially from the back!) but is actually quite nice to do. I might do some more in that, but it needs space to grow really. The other one is pure stranding, using a design from graph paper which reminded me of the Berkana rune (for homely comfort). They are more square than they look, as the left one has curled in at the top & bottom, & the right one has curled under at the edges, but once stitched in they should be the same size. Which I hope will be useful.

Ok girl you’d better get to the Post Office tomorrow! Don’t wanna miss the Woollypoles deadline in particular!!

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