Toys are me

This is a bit of a change from the flat squares, even the fancy ones, that I’ve been making! When I was away for the weekend I bought a book called Knitting Mochimochi (Amigurumi) by Anna Hrachovec, again in an effort to raise my game a little. I grew up making toys – Xmas ornaments and dollies – so it shouldn’t be too big a leap. These are pretty fiddly though as she encourages knitting in the round which can make you feel like a (failed) pincushion when you’re juggling 6 stitches or so on 4 needles!

This is Mike the mountain, requested by, named by, and presented to my friend C who chose him out of the book. Proving the author’s point that anything you put eyes on becomes cute. I took him along to the shop where she works and planted him amongst the clothes – which looked rather appropriate! I think it cheered her up in a difficult few days, and provided food for discussion amongst her colleagues, pro and con…

The alligator will be for my niece, and I think I’ll hoard him as a Xmas present. You have to knit up from the tail, over one jaw, turning yellow to make the mouth insert, back under the other jaw, add the legs individually… it was quite a business. But fun to concentrate on.

Here below you can see him alongside the pattern book, almost crawling out of the pages, and since he does look like his sisters and brothers I think I did a good job!

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