Woollypoles piece #3 (flowers)

One final piece to go for this project! Seeing the amazing work that other people produce for Knitty, I thought I would try something different. Something more girly, textured, fancy, and in the Myers-Briggs scheme ‘SF’ (sensate feeler) rather than my usual abstract ‘NT’ (intuitive thinker). So I set off knitting a lawn with some flowers – garter stitch stripes in two different greens at first, then settled into a smooth bit with stocking stitch surrounded by a random two or three stitches of garter stitch to keep it from curling – garden texture, like a smooth lawn with rougher borders.

The flowers are from Knitty’s own pattern on her page, and at first I was sceptical that knitting could do such a thing. But it can, if you cast on loads of stitches and then cast off a bunch at a time, draw through and pull up! I also wanted to add buttons, so hung around John Lewis drawing out tubes of various plastic rounds and comparing them with a lady finishing a cardi for her granddaughter. Happy to have found some pink buttons (to go on the maroon flowers) and some maroon buttons (to go on the pink flowers), with a couple leftover to go straight onto the lawn. You like? I did! I hope Knitty does as she said the piece should be basically shades of one colour (dark green /  light green) with decorations which may be in another colour (preferably complementary – so pale pink / dark pink).

You can also see the decorations I made for Piece #2: it had to be feathers, and though I originally visualised them at an angle, it became clear they could form exclamation marks to the dot-dot-dot, thus adding another layer of semantic ambiguity 🙂 I am happy with my haberdashery adventures, and glad I rose to the challenge to take my fancywork up a notch. Credit to you Knitty for drawing it out of us! I always pull the most stops out for your pieces. And yes, the feathers are glued very firmly on the back!! and the flowers are strongly stitched on!

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