Kandinsky on!

Hello! Well the Kandinsky project is on! Have been amazed by the build-up of colour and the synaesthesic reactions it prompts in me as each round is added.


For instance here is square no. 4 in progress (the top right square) with innocent-enough citrus tones of orange, white, and yellow. Mouth-watering juiciness…

Circle with mauve


… which is thrown into contrast by the addition of smooth lilac:



And the pastel-pause-for-thought which the lilac contributes is framed and made much more serious when the dark blue comes in around it.

. . .

. . .

Then once we add red the whole starts to balance out into a Kandinsky-familiar mix of shades:


Similarly here’s the story of square #3 (third from the top left) – or should I say circle #3:

20121207-183025.jpg       20121207-183040.jpg        20121207-183053.jpg       20121207-183105.jpg

The painting-copy is displayed just above for comparison’s sake (or here larger).

There will be more soon as it’s coming along nicely!

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