Colour blast group art

Colour blast group art

There has been a call for squares out from Yarn Bombing Los Angeles, who are going to cover a small Craft and Folk Art Museum with woolly joy. Something about ambiguities of scale, and no doubt the cosiness of craft and folk creativity as well.

IMG_3554They wanted squares in certain very bright colours… and I was glad to oblige! I started with the orange and the white that are to some extent my favourites, but then went on to produce all the seven colours they want:
Lime Green
Hot Pink

It was a simple job but the experience of doing single-colour granny squares (and I had to check this was what they wanted) reminded me that you don’t have to do fussy-tiny colour combinations within each square, but can go for the broad brush (or big stamp) across a work as a whole. I so enjoyed arranging them next to each other and experiencing the effect of the different colour shocks.

This may be helpful because I’ve been stumped on what to do next, and somehow not motivated to make a very detailed colour scheme for my next blanket squares, even though I normally love doing them. Something is stuck (and not just that I am working from home these days and scared to start crocheting in case I don’t stop). I think it may be that the nextest artworks are brewing themselves…. big coloured blocks and long stripes… Maybe the Kandinsky project is not going to be alone…

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