Small projects, but beautifully formed

IMG_3452Hello! Just to update you on a few of the projects I’ve completed in the last months (and to inspire myself, as I’d almost forgotten some of them). My sister told me that for Xmas our mum could use a mobile phone cover, as she’s always losing the phone in her bag and can’t see it, but doesn’t (like I do) turn it on every minute to see what’s happening, so a bright knitted bag would be ideal :-). I chose sideways garter stitch, so that it would stretch across just the right amount, and a drawstring through holes, and stripes. Luckily I knew how big to make it, as the phone used to be mine!

IMG_3558This is a coral :-). I was so lucky at Xmas – my partner’s sister (and mum) got me a bag of lovely yarn and a book on how to knit/crochet items from nature. I tackled a butterfly that I gave to my friend C, and then this coral, with a bulbous base and a frilly edging, to send back to the partner’s sister. I might have to tackle some more sea creatures in due course. I finally posted it off to her this week with the presents from our holiday.

IMG_3532What’s this? We were on holiday abroad and for a very small amount of money had a lovely week in a townhouse-villa by a pool near the sea (swimmable in in January!). As a return payment for their kindness, I crocheted a round mat out of the colours I had (remembering that to get a circle, you start with e.g. 8 stitches into the first chain circle, then add 8 stitches evenly through increases each round). I left it under the round green vase that you see in the picture. I wonder if they noticed? I wonder if they left it / liked it / were puzzled! Very domesticated urban yarnbombing! 😉



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