Cat blanket for Battersea

Everyone’s heard of Battersea Dogs’ Home, but did you know they have cats as well?
Well lots of us knitters also love cats (why? when they’re so mutually destructive 🙂 ) so I decided to knit up a blanket for a cat in need of a home for Battersea’s ‘Feline Lonely’ event on Valentine’s Evening. It’s a sort of dating evening for people and cats! The blankets help the cats feel cosy, and give a splash of colour to attract the eye of the potential adopter. (

I interrupted my work on the Knit for Peace pink blanket strip to crack on with this for the DSC_0583deadline, and there wasn’t much time for thought or aesthetic planning. ‘Red’ (or pink), they’d said, so I interpreted that liberally 😉 with first a red square in what I think of as ‘double half moss stitch’ (1. k to end. 2. k2 p2. 3. k to end. 4. p2 k2), then dug out a ‘corner to corner’ pattern in random wool of yellow/orange/maroon. ‘C2c’s seem to be all the rage on the crochet pages in particular, so I thought I’d better engage, but for whatever reason the decrease-half came out a bit elongated, and though I’ve blocked the individual squares with steam it’s still not perfectly perpendicular. Once I’d done the edging though (a pick-up-and-knit on all four sides) it had levelled out to flat enough – there wasn’t time to do a proper wet block, as I have to send it off today to get there for the event tomorrow!

The focus of the blanket is a brown cat shape, on which I tried to improve my intarsia. I normally DSC_0584do ‘carry yarn across back’, which I now find is a fair-isle technique (for small repeating patterns) and frowned upon in intarsia proper (big shapes). This is done mostly with separate balls of wool – even bobbins! – except for the legs which seemed so narrow it was ok to carry along behind them… but they did come out a bit 3D so I hope I’ve learned my lesson. I like the way the speckled background yarn makes it look like the cat has an exciting aura around it!

Well I hope you have a good Feline evening, Battersea, and I’d love to know which cat got my blanket, and how it all went! Big hugs.


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